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tennessee tricoter: I have been so busy and just now getting around to sharing...

tennessee tricoter

this blog is designed for me to share my knitting experiences with you.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I have been so busy and just now getting around to sharing...

These are some quick armwarmers I whipped up last weekend in Monteagle. I seamed them this morning so I could wear them in my Arctic classroom whilst teaching. I am IN LOVE with Patons SWS. So soft, so lovely. It's a single yarn, which is cool, because it does show off the ribbing so nicely. I am pretty excited about these because it will help me to wear short sleeves longer this fall/winter. Or teach and write on the board as well as keep from freezing to death.

Now, this is SUPPOSED to be "collar me" from MagKnits (September 2005), but it seems that I made it a tad too large to be a collar. So, what I have is something between a collar and a shawl and a coat and a blanket and a capelet... But I think it works. And I wish I had used a much better yarn because I can forsee that I will wear it. It's like a poncho that doesn't add too much bulk to the human form.

And, as you can plainly see, it looks a lot like and exaggerated Texas when laid out flat on the table. Seriously, no wonder I had a hard time with the border. According to the pattern, I was supposed to pick up 55 sts along the sharp border. I think I may have picked up close to twice that based on the size alone. Ha! Still, I think it works.

This is a hat I made for a friend's baby shower this coming weekend. It is made from Paton's Soy Wool Stripes (SWS), and it feels just wonderful.

And, as you can see, it looks precious even on a really big seven-month-old head! Mister was a great model. He was happy as could be as soon as we tried this on him. It's like he didn't even realize I made the hat for a girl!

Here is a headband that I made from Molly's headband (from Interweave Knits). It was the first lace chart that I followed, and I am pretty pleased with the results. I started and finished on a Saturday night while watching tv...

And I can assure you that I did, in fact, knit two kid sweaters (one for my niece who is still in utero and the other for my 2-year-old big kid neice). I already gifted them, however, along with a pair of booties, and I am yet to get the pics. I was down to the wire on the sweaters, so I am simply happy that I was able to finish!

There was also a hat in there for a friend's birthday. And a scarf for my baby girl. I can't wait to start on a sweater for her. Can't wait. I got a gift certificate to the LYS and some money for yarn for my birthday. I am so excited to be churning out things I can use!

I promise I won't let it go this long again.

bonne nuit, a la prochaine!



Blogger wagners-of-rock said...

WOW! i feel like such a slacker.
see you tonight@ snb!

3:58 PM  

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