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tennessee tricoter: a very happy star wars halloween to you

tennessee tricoter

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

a very happy star wars halloween to you

Thanks to, my Halloween was awesome.

Don't let this cool expression fool you, my dear readers, for this hat has the stealthy ammenity of a coiled heat trap placed over each ear. Seriously, this is the warmest hat I have ever worn, and I do fully intend to wear this if we ever get a snow day. It is also the perfect hat to wear to a concert. It provides a fashionable alternative to earplugs while blocking eardrum-damaging sound levels. In fact, I had to occasionally remove the hat to hear what people were saying to me at the Halloween party. But what fun! So, rock on, ski on, party on.

And here's the lovely couple. Of course, Luke and Leia don't know that they are brother and sister in the first movie, so it worked out just fine!

Happy Halloween!




Blogger knittydoll said...

tee hee! You both look awesome, but I especially like your hat Leia!

1:45 AM  
Blogger Alf Bae...... said...\Storage\200508\02\128715_878473047_0

I love Leia!

More instant Leia hair piece. Korean style. ^ ^

9:57 PM  

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