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tennessee tricoter: February 2007

tennessee tricoter

this blog is designed for me to share my knitting experiences with you.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

ca fait longtemps qu'on ne s'est pas vus!

Well, it has really been a long, long time. So, after a lovely destash purchase, I was encouraged to revisit my posting. I procured some laceweight yarn from, and I just CO yesterday for the kimono shawl from Folk Shawls. I'm pretty excited to have a lighter weight wrap in a more traditional pattern to add to the wardrobe. I opted for the rectangular pattern after much consideration, and I hope I don't regret not having a triangular shawl... Depending on my experience with this one, I may choose to do another. But right now, it feels like I will be working on this for The Rest of My Life. (sigh)

And here is the yarn laid out on the table -- I thought you would be better able to read the color in the first photo. Still nothing cool to see yet, I guess, but I'm excited.

Here is the picture of a beautiful daughter bedecked in handknits. Yes, that is the BIGGEST hat in the world. After a weekend of leisurely working on that in my spare time, and anticipation of wearing it to work this week, I realized that I haven't met anyone with a head that large. So, sadly, I will be ripping it out and seeking another lone skein project for some Kureyon. Ideas?

Those are the Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers from knitty, and I love them. They fit so nicely under a sleeve and they're unobtrusively frilly.

So, on to a little more text. Since December, I have been occasionally working on a FI sweater for the girl. Unfortunately, I am so discouraged with it that I will not have it finished for this season. If I could ever discipline myself to just get things done, I could have a good deal less guilt from seeing partially finished projects lying around. Perhaps that should be a Lent commitment? Not cast on for a new project until all old ones are finished? I could be on to something here...

I have been a machine lately, though. I have made several hats, a scarf (for the Red Scarf Project), and a shawl for a friend. It's been a lot of knitting, and I am looking forward to finally finishing it all. And starting more.

This week marks Liam's first birthday. I can't believe he is almost one, but it's here. He's been such a wonderful addition to our family. I'll post a pic of him, soon.

Enough for tonight. It's nice to post after such a long time away.

a la prochaine.