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tennessee tricoter: July 2006

tennessee tricoter

this blog is designed for me to share my knitting experiences with you.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

another sweater in progress...

I am also currently working on a new sweater (the back panel of it). It's a cool cable pattern, and I'm enjoying the challenge of reading a chart whilst knitting for the first time. I'm kinda working my way up the ladder. I'd really like to learn intarsia knitting soon, but I should spend some time with the lesser complicated before attempting the colorwork. I had a pretty significant incident with the chart today, but fortunately I was able to rip back to a point where I could recover and not have to frog the whole thing. It's going to be a cardigan for me, and although it looks little, it is really stretchy and also designed to fit snugly.

I'm making decisions about the front panels of the sweater. I can't really decide if I want to go centered or off-centered. I also need to decide what color zipper to use. I definitely want to use a large plastic zipper, and I would like a bold color. Maybe a bright pink. The yarn I'm using is, yet again, Galway. I ordered on Ebay, and got a good deal.

baby booties

I made these baby booties a while back for a gift for some relatives. We just got confirmation last week that the baby really is a girl, and that's why I was waiting on that! Their baby should be here anytime now, so this will be a fun addition to her wardrobe. I hope the parents like them!

I used two strands of acrylic yarn (yes, I know) and some metallic buttons. I figured the acrylic is an ok choice because 1. I had it on hand and 2. it's easily laundered and 3. I'm not sure if they understand yarn and the expense of good natural fibers. Whatever the case, I think it's a nice fo and I'm pretty satisfied.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

newsboy hat, updates

So I finished my first project with cables! I'm pretty happy with it, too. I only had to rip out the brim once before I got it right. I used some of the leftover Galway from my sweater. I'm thinking about making an embellishment for the hat, too, so I'll post when I'm done with that.

I got in my sky blue yarn so I can start my cabled sweater, too! Yay! I'm casting on tonight.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stripey armwarmer

Here's another thing I made while I was working on my sweater. I only have one so far, but I will make the second soon. This armwarmer was an exercise in learning how to make "jogless" stripes in the round. I'm pretty pleased with the results, and now I feel confident to stripe anything: flat or round! I am going to make a few pairs of these for myself and my family and friends. I hope they're as great in the winter as I think they will be.

my first sweater

Lately, I have been really busy. I completed my first sweater! I took a class at my LYS and here's what I made. It's really warm and kinda bulky, but I'll probably be glad about that in January. I used Galway yarn, and it's pretty nice. I thought I had run out of yarn at the end of the project, and that's why I opted to use the brown Galway for the trim and I-cord ties. Of course, I found out after I had come up with a solution to the problem that I had another skein of that green yarn in a closet. I guess I'll just make a hat, then.

Monday, July 17, 2006


This is a startup post to my new knitting blog. I have been knitting since March 2006, and I will post photos soon enough of what I have been up to.