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tennessee tricoter: March 2007

tennessee tricoter

this blog is designed for me to share my knitting experiences with you.

Friday, March 09, 2007

un week-end de solitude (sauf pour les enfants...)

et qu'est-ce que je fais? I take online quizzes for a while, mais bien sur!

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Seriously, I don't know what to do with myself as a single mom for the weekend... Hopefully I can keep things together and remain supportive so B can have a nice trip. No need to cramp his style although I am somewhat lost here.

So, I have blocked my Jawbreaker Cardigan (IK Winter 2006) and I am on the Mad Hunt for some coordinating-but-not-garishly-clashing ribbon to trim out the front bands and the neckline. I hit up the local walmarts looking for some, but I think I'll actually have to go to a fabric store tomorrow. SO, I plan on getting up early to partake in a friendly breakfast with the babies and probably V. Hopefully we'll hit the multicultural bakery and sip some coffees (and hopefully not spill YoBaby everywhere and not have the "loud" kids) before I trek through all the mall traffic to look for notions. Did I mention that I also need The Perfect Button? Yeah, well, I do.

I promise to post pictures, but I wanted to wait until I have done all the necessary finishing before I get all showoffy. Don't count your chickens, you know...

I am hopeful that I will have a little time for the kimono shawl this weekend, but I can see that it will be busier than I had intended. I had a pang of panic earlier and decided to go ahead and make some plans for Saturday since I always have lots of things going on, and I would simply hate to have nothing to do all weekend. Besides, the kids do better if we stay a little bit busy. I haven't quite convinced myself that an evening of grading tonight is the best plan, but if I can plow through my work I can have a much more enjoyable weekend. Why is it that I can constantly tell myself it's OK to have a huge stack of work to do? Work ethic is altered considerably when you know it's your last semester!

I also have a blue cabley sweater, some socks, and a FI sweater for the baby girl that I need to consider in the next few weeks. I am contemplating getting rid of at least one of these projects as I need to not have so much going on.

Who am I kidding? This is just the life of a knitter. :) Bon week-end!